AIM Technologies

The ACA Dashboard

Tracking, monitoring, and reporting for compliance with the Affordable Care Act:

  • An Ongoing Compliance Checklist telling you where you are in the process, highlighting key dates, and upcoming reporting requirements
  • Tools and a guide to help you decide how you will setup your tracking periods as defined by the Affordable Care Act
  • Monthly reporting as required by the Act
  • Live visibility into:
    • How many hours are your employees working?
    • Who is actually full-time?
    • What happens if an employee works over 30 hours next week?
    • Am I subject to any tax liability or penalties?
    • When will a new employee’s measurement period end?
    • How do I know who I must offer coverage to?
    • Am I paying employees enough to meet affordability requirements?
  • Annual IRS Reporting (1094 and 1095)
  • eFiling and Printing and Mailing services available

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